Announcing Estill Courses in Vancouver May 15-19


The Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Steinhauer

We are excited and  honoured to be hosting the president of Estill International in Vancouver for the first time.  Dr. Steinhauer is an energized, joyful and thorough presenter who easily works with all levels of voice in Opera, Musical Theatre and Contemporary Commercial Music.  Voice instructors and educators find her organized pedagogical approach very appealing.  Her doctorate in communication and speech disorders is especially relevant to speech therapists.  People new to the study of the voice will gain confidence from her nurturing and supportive manner.  She coauthored the 2015 publication of the textbook The Estill Voice Model: Theory and Translation.  She worked closely with Jo Estill from 1985 onward and is one of the most experienced Estill Voice Trainers in the world.  Learn more about Dr. Steinhauer. PLEASE REGISTER AT Vancouver Estill Courses before paying.    Then please submit payment by etransfer to or by using the credit card button below.


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Kimberly Steinhauer Ph.D

Kimberly Steinhauer Ph.D


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